I was inspired to learn more about photography when I saw Jason capture shared experiences in new and fresh perspectives.  I would look at a photo he took and wonder how he captured the essence of a moment. Although newer to the profession, having a live-in mentor has provided many benefits to playing catchup.  Additional inspiration comes from my two beautiful boys, Gabe and Miles. Whenever I capture their naturally beautiful, goofy and inquisitive souls in a photograph, I know I am creating special mementos of time to hold onto.  I love being able to offer the same for friends old and new to help capture their special people on their special days.  (All the extra time hanging out with my husband is an added bonus.)


My interest in photography began in early 2004 and really flourished after my I traveled throughout Europe. Though I only used a point-and-shoot at the time, soon after I acquired a digital SLR (original Canon Digital Rebel) and never looked back. Over the last few years this hobby has continued to grow to a point where I’m now ready to share my view of the world, with the world.